About me

I’m a geek, a proud individual member of the Linux Foundation and Linux¬†evangelist¬†that looks forward to learn something new every day. I also enjoy hacking almost everything I own. I’m unreasonable as I don’t adapt to the world, but rather adapt the world to my needs. As Clay Shirky once said “Creating something personal, even of moderate quality, has a different kind of appeal than consuming something made by others, even of high quality”. I’m also realistic, therefore I ask for the impossible.

What motivates me? This video says most of it:

About this blog

This blog is where I write about my experience with Linux and all the wonderfull chalanges that it gives me, about all the great things in life, about my relationship with God and a bit of a playground. And I hope to share all this with you.

About the reviews

As I buy or get my hands on some gadgets, I share here my experiments on using them under Linux. Unless otherwise stated, the gadgets and associated software is tested under Fedora. If you feel you can help with some tips on how to get things working (in case they don’t) please feel free to comment.

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