How much does a “free” dinner cost?

Posted by on Sunday, 12 February, 2012

Recently Applegreen launched their reward card. You earn one point per litre of patrol you buy. Its the usual deal, and in this case one of the rewards you can choose is a meal for 2 for 1944 points.
Because Applegreen is not the cheapest fuel reseller around, I decided to do the math.
The usual price difference from City Diesel (where I usually shop and that has no loyalty card) to Applegreen is 9 cents.
Therefore, to get 1944 points I need to spend an extra €174.96!
For that amount of money, I’ll be better off paying for the meal myself.
Unless Applegreen triples the points per litre, Im not going in there.


Will I replace the system in @Linuxcar with an iPad?

Posted by on Wednesday, 7 April, 2010

Some friends have been asking me if the iPad could eventually replace my custom made Linux multimedia car system.
I reckon that the screen is nice an all, but can the iPad …

– Take Skype phone calls
– Automatically pause live radio (not just mute) when a call comes in
– Update the twitter account @linuxcar with what ever it is doing
– Bring up my current location on Google maps
– Update my current location on the web
– Allow free WiFi in the car
– Allow any other web devices in the neighborhood to control the multimedia
– Allow for a remote system to use the web interface

… all at the same time? No? Well, there is your answer.
Now, an Android based system like this might do it…