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Step by Step guide for Readers

Posted by on Monday, 24 December, 2012
  1. For the weekend masses the Reader will proceed from the sacristy with the Eucharistic ministers.
  2. The Reader carries the Lectionary, to the left of the shoulder, so that the congregation can concentrate on the Word of God.
  3. The Reader walks up to the ambo and places the Lectionary on the ambo returning to join the rest of the procession at the foot of the Altar. Everyone bows to the Altar and then takes their seat at the front.
  4. After the opening prayer, the Reader approaches the Altar, bows and walks round the ambo to commence reading.
  5. The First Reading should be announced as follows: A Reading from (for example) The Book of Wisdom. After this reading the Reader says ‘THE WORD of THE LORD ‘.
  6. The Responsorial psalm. DO NOT SAY, THE RESPONSE IS. Simply repeat the response and do so after each stanza with the congregation.
  7. The Second Reading should be announced as follows: A Reading from (for example) the 1st. Letter of St. Peter. Again, after this reading, the Reader says ‘ THE WORD of THE LORD
  8. The Gospel Acclamation. DO NOT SAY any of the following. Please stand for the gospel / acclamation or this is the gospel acclamation. Simply begin with the Alleluia.
  9. After the gospel Acclamation, turn, face the Priest and bow. He will bow also. Then return to your seat.
  10. The prayers of the faithful follows the Creed and it is usual for the Reader to read these prayers. This however will be discussed in the Sacristy before mass. When the Reader is reading the prayers of the faithful you leave your seat at the end of the Creed. Do not bow to THE ALTAR, APPROACH THE AMBO AND WAIT UNTIL THE PRIEST HAS SAID THE OPENING PRAYER. Then read the prayers, normally six prayers, and then the Priest will pray for the dead. During this time turn and face the Priest. After these prayers the Reader returns to their seat without bowing to the Priest or the Altar.